Projects for Volunteers

This site is intended to bring various skilled volunteers to projects that need help. Volunteers can subscribe to groups, in their profile, to receive emails about new or updates to your project.

Project Summary

The projects requiring volunteer help are listed below. Click for more details to review each project. If you like a project you can then register to indicate you will assist. An email will go to the coordinator and you indicating you registered.

Project TitleCity and StateStart DateMinistry NameContact NameMore Detail

Currently we do not have any active projects. We will send an email to the subscribers when a new project is added for a ministry. Make sure you are subscribed to a ministry under your profile.

The project summary and detail screen are designed for the public to view the projects prior to creating a profile. Once a profile is created, the "Projects" link (in the footer) could be your preferred link.

Volunteer User Guide: Click here
Coordinator Links: Click here
Helping Hand Brochure: Click here to view and print


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An email will be sent to a ministry coordinator. Someone from the ministry group will reach out to you.

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